Corn Meat Buns

Corn Meat Buns

by Wanshanhong

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My baby likes to eat fresh meat buns with corn kernels. I often make them for him. The main reason is that eating buns in the morning is full and convenient. It saves his mother’s time in the morning and allows young people to get more sleep in the morning. child. The flour used for buns is Gelinuoer snow flour. This flour has high strength, strong wheat flavor, fine and smooth, and white color. It is perfect for making pasta!


Corn Meat Buns

1. Add minced ginger, salt, five-spice powder, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, rice wine and sugar to the minced meat. The front neck flake meat used for meat is directly cut into pieces by the store. I like this kind of grainy meat, which is better than ground meat.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

2. Add 100 grams of water in 4 to 5 times. Stir in one direction after adding water until it is completely absorbed before adding another time. After the water is added, it is still stirred clockwise until it is strong.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

3. Add corn kernels and stir evenly

Corn Meat Buns recipe

4. Chopped green onions, mix them with sesame oil to lock in moisture, and then mix gently with meat fillings evenly. Don't over-stir it to prevent the onion from changing its flavor.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

5. Finally, put the frozen pork skin into small dices and mix them evenly. The stuffing is ready

Corn Meat Buns recipe

6. Put Glinole Snow Powder into a basin, add yeast powder and water to make a dough

Corn Meat Buns recipe

7. Fermented to 1.5-2 times larger

Corn Meat Buns recipe

8. The fermented dough is divided into small doses, and rolled into a thick dough with a thin outer ring in the middle, brushed with a little oil in the middle, so that the soup will not cause the bottom of the bun to absorb water and affect its expansion and softness.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

9. Stuffing

Corn Meat Buns recipe

10. All wrapped buns are sent for 20-30 minutes, and the time for sending them depends on the season. You can spend more time in winter, and reduce time in summer.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

11. Steam in a water basket for 18 minutes. The steaming time should be properly controlled according to the size of the steamed buns.

Corn Meat Buns recipe

12. Steamed buns can be juicy when eaten while they are hot. "Glinole Snow Flour, a strong and high-quality wheat flour"

Corn Meat Buns recipe


The absorbency of this flour is relatively high, and the amount of noodles and water when making the noodles will be a little harder if the amount of noodles and water is 2:1. You can add water at the ratio of 100 grams of flour to 55-60 grams of water.


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