Candied Dates recipes

Tuckahoe Fish Bone Dampness Soup

Fish Bone, Candied Dates, Yunling

Tangerine Peel Mung Bean Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Green Beans, Tangerine Peel

Candied Carrot Tortillas

Corn Flour, Flour, Candied Dates

Five Kernel Moon Cakes

Moon Cake Powder, Invert Syrup, Peanut Oil

Pigeon Mung Bean Soup

Pigeon, Green Beans, Lily

Soy Trotter Soup

Trotters, Soy, Red Dates

Qingrun Chestnut Pork Ribs Soup

Chestnut, Ribs, Polygonatum

Scorpion Turtle Qushi Soup

Scorpion, Pork Bone, Turtle

Niu Dali Tuckahoe Pork Bone Soup

Tuckahoe, Niu Dali, Chixiaodou

Dried Squid and Burdock Soup

Burdock, Dried Squid, Salt

Mahogany Horseshoe Carrot Soup

Pork Tendon, Horseshoe, Carrot

Codonopsis, Astragalus, Wolfberry Soup

Codonopsis, Pig Bones, Astragalus

Lean Fig Soup

Lean Meat, Fig, South Apricot

Pumpkin and Jujube Sweet Biscuits

Flour, Butter, Soft White Sugar