Cow Louver recipes

Chashu Mushroom Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Chickens, Tea Tree Mushroom, Shimizu

Mao Xuewang

Eel, Duck Blood, Hairy Belly

Have Fun at Home

Cow Louver, Hairy Belly, Beef Tripe

Maoxuewang Hot Pot

Duck Blood, Cow Louver, Chinese Cabbage

Old Godmother

Hairy Belly, Cow Louver, Duck Blood

Home-cooked Blood

Duck Blood, Ham, Bean Sprouts

Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Little Eel, Bean Sprouts

Celery Salad with Beef Tripe

Cow Louver, Celery, Salt

Mao Xuewang

Bean Sprouts, Duck Blood, Shallot

Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Fat Intestine, Hairy Belly

Mandarin Duck Hot Pot

Lamb Slice, Beef Slices, Cow Louver

Spicy Skewers

Xiabuxiabu Crayfish Seasoning, Kelp, Lotus Root Slices

Shredded Carrot and Shrimp Peel

Cow Louver, Dried Shrimp, Carrot

Red Oil Beef Louver

Cow Louver, Shallot, Ginger

Red Oil Beef Louver

Cow Louver, Cucumber, Sesame Oil