Hind Leg Meat recipes

Dumplings Stuffed with Cabbage and Pork

Hind Leg Meat, Chinese Cabbage, Flour

Garlic White Meat

Hind Leg Meat, Star Anise, Lettuce Shreds

Gaoyou Pork Meat

Hind Leg Meat, Tofu Skin, Pepper

Steamed Crispy Pork

Hind Leg Meat, Egg, Starch

Lu Cai Zhi Qing Boiled Meatballs

Hind Leg Meat, Shallot, Pepper Powder

Jade Dumplings

Wheat Flour, Grass Juice, Hind Leg Meat

#春食野菜香# Shepherd's Purse Wonton

Hind Leg Meat, Wheat Flour, Water

Jade Dumplings

Hind Leg Meat, Chives, Spinach

Cabbage and Sea Rice Dumplings

Hind Leg Meat, Chinese Cabbage, Flour

Luobu Stuffed Dumplings

White Radish, Chives, Hind Leg Meat

Celery Dumplings

Hind Leg Meat, Celery, Salt

Shrimp and Green Vegetable Dumplings

Wheat Flour, River Prawns, Hind Leg Meat

Rice Cooker Making Potstickers——mushroom Pork Potstickers

Hind Leg Meat, Seafood Mushroom, Pleurotus Eryngii

Stir-fried Rice with Pineapple Minced Pork

Pineapple, Leftover Rice, Vegetables

Eggplant Diced Pork Hand Rolled Noodles

Eggplant, Hind Leg Meat, Tomato