Mint Leaf recipes

Christmas Melaleuca Crepes

Low-gluten Flour, Egg, Strawberry

Twice Cooked Pork with Dried Bamboo Shoots

Pork Belly, Dried Bamboo Shoots, Pixian Douban

Spicy Flower Armor

Flower Clam, Millet Pepper, Mint Leaf

Microwave Peppermint Cookies

Flour, Mint Leaf, Corn Oil

Christmas Rosemary Roast Chicken

Three Yellow Chicken, Thyme, Rosemary

Super Crispy | Mint Cookies that Seal Spring ㊙️

Butter, Low-gluten Flour, Egg Liquid

Thai Beef Salad

Beef, Black Pepper, Cherry Tomato

Mint Leaf Egg Waffles

Mint Leaf, Flour, Egg

Yellow Peach Salad

Yellow Peach, Chicken Breast, Asparagus

Creative Bread Fruit Pudding Cup

Toast Slices, Egg Liquid, Milk

Finger Bread & Ham Egg Cup

All-purpose Flour, Dry Yeast, Salt

Mint Cream Bread

Flour, Yeast, Sugar

Homemade Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink: Fresh Mangoes

Jasmine Green Tea Soup, Tipping Point Ice Syrup, Ice Cube