Red Pepper Shreds recipes

Stir-fried Shredded Pork with Celery

Celery, Pork, Chicken Soup

Shredded Potato

Potato, Chopped Green Onions, Red Pepper Shreds

Shredded Potato Burrito

Flour, Boiling Water, Cold Water

Steamed Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Ginger, Red Pepper Shreds

Shredded Fermented Bean Curd and Macaroni

Macaroni Dish, Fermented Bean Curd, Red Pepper Shreds

Shredded Potato

Potato, White Vinegar, Garlic

Stir-fried Bacon with Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots, Bacon, Salad Oil

Hot and Sour Potato Shredded Rice

Potato, Shredded Pork, Red Pepper Shreds

Sichuan Twice-cooked Pork

Pork, Green Garlic, Pixian Doubanjiang

Pocket Pie

Flour, Salt, Potato Floss

Steamed Sea Bass with Sauce

Sea Bass, Salt, Cooking Wine

Steamed Turbot

Turbot, Ginger, Shallot

Gai Vegetable Tofu Soup

Xiaoshui Tofu, Gai Cai, Red Pepper Shreds

Steamed Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Jing Scallion, Ginger

Steamed Yangtze River White Fish

Whitefish, Chives, Ginger

Summer Cucumber Shrimp

Starch, Cucumber Peel, Water