Surface recipes

Chongqing Small Noodles

Red Oil, Qianzi, Broth

Lamb Noodle Soup

Mutton Soup, Surface, Vegetables

Crazy Hedgehog-pumpkin Buns

Surface, Pumpkin, Yeast

Tomato Omelette Noodle

Chopped Green Onions, Tomato, Egg

Braised Noodles with Beans

Cowpea, Lean Meat, Salt

Braised Noodles with Beans

Surface, Pork Belly, Carob

Eggplant Braised Noodles

Eggplant, Surface, Meat

Braised Noodles with Beans

Carob, Surface, Pork

Egg Pancake

Surface, Egg, Tomato

Easy Homemade Handbread

Surface, Water, Dish

Colorful Sour Noodle Soup

Surface, Tofu, Squash

Maoerning ~ Tomato Karma Soup

Tomato, Various Meatballs, Surface