Butter recipes

Iberian Pork Chop with Saffron Risotto

Iberico Pork Chop, Italian Rice, Dried Figs

French Grilled Lamb Chops with Seasonal Vegetables

4 Pieces Of Imported Lamb Chops, Basil Leaves, Onion

Pasta with Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables

Screw Powder, Chicken Breast, Bacon

Pastoral Seasonal Vegetable Pizza

Toast Slices, Mozzarella Cheese, Carrot

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza

High-gluten Flour, Tomato, Green Pepper

Soup Kind Milk Meal Pack

High Fan, Milk Powder, Sugar

Corn Bisque

Corn Kernels, Milk, Onion

French Scallion Potato Soup

Potato, Egg, Green Onions

Soup Type Soft Bread

Milk Powder, Low-gluten Flour, Salt

American Breakfast Omelet

Egg, All Kinds Of Seasonal Vegetables, Butter

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Flour, Butter, Water

Teppan Seasonal Vegetables

Shiitake Mushrooms, Crab Mushroom, White Jade Mushroom

Soup Kind Meal Buns

High-gluten Flour, Soup, Whole Egg Liquid

Seasonal Vegetable and Fruit Pizza

Cake Crust Materials, High-gluten Flour, Milk