Chicken Sauce recipes

Creamy Mushroom Soup

White Mushroom, Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, Onion

Chrysanthemum Gnocchi Soup

Flour, Egg, Chrysanthemum

Sausage and Sticky Rice Shaomai

Dumpling Skin, Glutinous Rice, Corn Kernels

Cabbage Chicken Wraps

Cabbage Leaves, Chicken Breast, Salt

Shrimp and Spinach Noodles

Flour, Potato, Carrot

Beer Duck

Duck, Beer, Green Onions

Golden Soup Baby Vegetables

Pumpkin, Baby Dishes, Broth

Dream of Red Mansions: Tofu Skin Buns

Chicken Breast, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Dried Tofu

Pickled Fish

Silver Carp, Sauerkraut, Sour Radish

Stew with Dried Bamboo Shoots and Potatoes

Wild Bamboo Shoots, Pork Front Leg, Small Potato

Abalone and Rice

Abalone, Pumpkin, Water Starch

Spinach in Soup

Spinach, Preserved Egg, Red And Yellow Peppers

Winter Melon Meatball Soup

Winter Melon, Pork Filling, Soy Sauce