Chub recipes

Pickled Cabbage Fish Home Style

Chub, Pickled Cabbage, Ginger

Sauerkraut Fish with Green Pepper

Chub, Green Pepper, Sauerkraut

Spicy Braised Fish Tail

Chub, Vegetable Oil, Old Godmother

Steamed Fish

Chub, Parsley, Vegetable Oil

Garlic Carp

Chub, Garlic, Ginger

Spicy Hot Pot Fish

Chub, Bean Sprouts, Baby Dishes

Two-color Chopped Pepper Fish Head

Chub, Salt, Steamed Fish Soy Sauce

Spicy Poached Tofu Fish

Chub, Tofu, Sunflower Seed Oil

Homemade Taian Fish

Chub, Konjac, Celery

Stewed Fish Head with Wild Tianma

Chub, Wild Gastrodia, Ginger

Burnt Silver Carp

Chub, Green Onion Ginger Garlic, Fennel

Grilled Fish with Pickled Cabbage

Pickled Cabbage, Chub, Corn Oil