Line Pepper recipes

Korean Miso Soup

Onion, Potato, Squash

Beef Cabbage in Golden Soup

Fat Cow, Cabbage Leaves, Carrot

Stir-fried Pork Liver with Green Pepper

Pork Liver, Starch, Cooking Oil

Pleurotus Eryngii in Oyster Sauce

Pleurotus Eryngii, Line Pepper, Millet Pepper

Braised Winter Melon

Winter Melon, Line Pepper, Millet Pepper

Drunk Crab

Hairy Crabs, White Wine, Sliced Ginger

Carrot and Eggplant Roast Pork

Pork Belly, Carrot, Eggplant

Stir Fried Kidney

Kidney, Line Pepper, Red Pickled Peppers

Hanzhong Spicy Chicken

Grass Chicken, Line Pepper, Geranium Fruit Cumin

Peacock Fish

Wuchang Fish, Carrot, Broccoli

Griddle Chiba Tofu

Chiba Tofu, Pork Belly, Line Pepper

Vegetarian Noodles

Noodles (raw), Garlic, Shallots

Healthy Oil-free Twice-cooked Pork

Pork Belly, Line Pepper, Pepper

Fried Pork with Chili

Line Pepper, Meat, Garlic