Old Godmother recipes

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, Fuel Consumption, Millet Pepper

Cold Black Fungus

Black Fungus, Carrot, Old Godmother

Fried Pork with Chili

Chili, Pork Belly, Oil Salt

Sour Soup Raw Fish

Raw Fish, Sauerkraut, Lettuce

Ham and Egg Finger Pie

Hand Cake, Egg, Ham Sausage

Spicy Braised Pork

Braised Pork, Oil, Old Godmother

Boiled Dragon Fish Fillet

Long Li Fish Fillet, Steamed Fish Soy Sauce, Old Godmother

Cranberry Steamed Pork Ribs

Ribs, Cranberry, Oil

Spicy Hot Pot

Various Vegetables, Meat, Oil

Ants on The Tree

Powder, Pork Filling, Peanut Oil

Tossed Eggplant

Two Vitex, Garlic, Pepper

Braised Eggplant

Eggplant, Oil, Pepper

Sauce-flavored Squid

Squid, Oil, Salt

Fried Pork with Spicy Yuqian

Elm Money, Meat, Shallot

Celery Sauteed Dry

Celery, Dried Tofu, Shallot