Pickled Wild Sansho recipes

Double Pepper Fish Head

Fat Head Fish Head, Chopped Pepper, Pickled Wild Sansho

Pickle Chicken Legs

Chicken Feet, Pickled Wild Sansho, Pepper

Pickled Pepper Fungus

Dried Fungus, Soaked Radish, Green Onions

Crispy Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers

Chicken Feet, Pickled Wild Sansho, Soy Sauce

Chongqing Hot Jelly

Jelly, Old Pickles, Pickle Head

Pickled Pepper Chicken Feet Duck Wings

Chicken Feet, Duck Wings, Pickled Wild Sansho

Refreshing Cherry Radish

Cherry Radish, Salt, Pickled Wild Sansho

Pickled Pepper Lotus Root Strips

Fresh Lotus Root, Green Pepper, Red Chili

Spicy Sauerkraut Fish

Grass Carp, Cooking Wine, Starch

Sauerkraut Pork Knuckle

Ginger, Shallots, Huadiao Wine

Appetizer Pickles---hot and Sour Kimchi

Pickled Wild Sansho, Red Chili, Carrot

Sour Soup with Beef

Beef Slices, Enoki Mushroom, Green Bean Sprouts