Pig Lung recipes

Boiled and Boiled

Tofu, Fire, Pig Lung

Stewed Heart and Lung Soup

Pig Heart, Pig Lung, Salt

Dried Pork Lung and Vegetable Soup

Pig Lung, Dried Vegetables, Carrot

Qingfei Decoction

Pig Lung, Olives, Salt

Dried Vegetables and Pig Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Candied Dates, Dried Vegetables

Sydney Pig Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Fig, Sydney

Qingbu Pig Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Ginger, Polygonatum

Carrot Pork Lung Soup

White Radish, Pig Lung, Candied Dates

Old Beijing Braised and Fired

Pig Intestine, Pig Lung, Pork Belly

Nanbei Apricot Pig Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Sydney, Snow Ear

Olive Pork Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Olives, Sliced Ginger

Houttuynia Pork Lung and Bone Soup

Pork Bone, Pig Lung, Houttuynia Cordata (dried)

Pork Lung and Carrot Soup

Pig Lung, White Radish, Salt

Stewed Pork Lung and Olive Soup

Pig Lung, Vermicelli, Olives

Spicy Pork Lung

Pig Lung, Chili, Vegetable Oil