Red Dried Pepper recipes

Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Leg, Corn Starch, Egg

Home Spicy Hot Pot

Shrimp, Ball, Vegetables

Sour and Spicy Shredded Cabbage

Cabbage, Shrimp, Vinegar

Stir-fried Lotus Root with Laba Garlic

Lotus Root, Laba Garlic, Soy Sauce

Stir-fried Spicy Dried Radish

Dried Radish, Red Dried Pepper, Green Pepper

Stir-fried Loofah and Shrimp

Loofah, Shrimp, Red Dried Pepper

Chicken Pot Collapse

Chick, Flour, Pepper

Chicken Stew with Potatoes

Chick, Potato, Star Anise

Celery Stir-fried Double-cooked Duck Gizzards

Duck Gizzard, Celery, Halogen Bag

Lao Duck Stewed Eggplant

Old Duck, Eggplant, Ginger

Laotang Dried Tofu Shreds

Dried Tofu, Red Dried Pepper, Old Soup

Stir-fried Minced Pork with Garlic Moss

Minced Meat, Garlic, Red Dried Pepper

Stir-fried Noodles with Cabbage

Cabbage, Rice Noodles, Red Dried Pepper

Fried Leek with Snail Meat

Snail, Chives, Shredded Ginger