Snow Red recipes

Red Braised Rice with Snow

Rice, Snow Red, Pork Belly

Lotus Leaf Cake

Flour, Water, Egg

Pedal Fish Stewed Tofu

Pedal Fish, Tofu, Snow Red

Tofu with Egg White

North Tofu, Egg White, Snow Red

Stir-fried Minced Pork with Snow

Snow Red, Minced Pork, Shallot

Red Meat Pie with Snow

Snow Red, Minced Meat, Cooking Wine

Lotus Root

Pork Belly, Snow Red, Lotus Root

Sour Stuffed Buns

Flour, Snow Red, Chives

Snow in The Red Bun

Snow Red, Minced Meat, Flour

Pickles and Edamame Buns

Low-gluten Flour, Edamame, Snow Red

Red Tofu Stewed in Snow

Snow Red, Tofu, Pork Belly

Soybeans Mixed with Red Snow

Snow Red, Soy, Sesame Oil

Hot and Sour Steak

Snow Red, Chopped Pepper, Salt

Spiced Potherb

Snow Red, Sesame Oil, Refined Salt

Sausage Fried Snow Red

Snow Red, Sausage, Oil

Red Boiled Crucian Carp in Snow

Crucian Carp, Snow Red, Ginger