Wheat Flour recipes

Braised Noodles with Beans and Chicken

Chicken Breast, Wheat Flour, Carob

Su-style Fresh Meat Moon Cakes

Wheat Flour, Lard, Sugar

Melon Peel and Bean Dregs Omelette

Watermelon Rind, Tofu, Egg

Potato Shredded Rice Omelette

Grass Egg, Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil

Whole Wheat Shortbread Cookies

Wheat Flour, Whole Milk Powder, Corn Starch

Scallion Pancakes

Barley, Wheat Flour, Oil

Tomato and Cabbage Lump Soup

Tomato, Wheat Flour, Chinese Cabbage

Tomato Gnocchi Soup

Wheat Flour, Tomato, Egg

Soup Pot Stickers

Wheat Flour, Pork, Water


Soybean Noodles, Cornmeal, Wheat Flour

Banana Egg Pancake

Banana, Egg, Wheat Flour

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake

Wheat Flour, Shallot, Cold Water

Scallion Pancakes

Wheat Flour, Shallots, Water