White Beans recipes

Sichuan Mother's Hoof Flower

Trotters, White Beans, Green Onions

Fennel and White Kidney Bean Soup

Fennel, White Beans, Salt

Celery and Kidney Bean Ginkgo

White Beans, Ginkgo, Celery Sticks

Crystal Rose Mooncake

Crystal Powder, White Beans, Water

Roasted Beans

White Beans, Doubanjiang, Orleans Marinade

Mother's Hoof

Trotters, White Beans, Salt

Pork Bun and White Bean Soup

Trotters, White Beans, Water

Gris Kitchen Raspberry and Chestnut Mooncakes

White Beans, Chestnut, Dried Cranberries

Coffee Moon Cake

Kidney Beans, Coffee Powder, Cocoa Powder

Cantonese-style Meat Floss Moon Cake

Low-gluten Flour, Pork Floss, White Beans

White Kidney Bean Bread (filling)

White Beans, Pork Belly, Salt

Kidney Bean Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles, White Beans, Egg

Eight Treasure Pumpkin Rice Cup

Pumpkin, Glutinous Rice, Black Glutinous Rice