Yunling recipes

Tuckahoe Fish Bone Dampness Soup

Fish Bone, Candied Dates, Yunling

Chicken Feet and Pork Bone Soup

Chicken Feet, Pork Bone, Ginger

Qingrun Chestnut Pork Ribs Soup

Chestnut, Ribs, Polygonatum

Niu Dali Tuckahoe Pork Bone Soup

Tuckahoe, Niu Dali, Chixiaodou

Brain Fish Head Soup

Fish Head, Oil, Salt

Chestnut Chicken Feet Seafood Soup

Pig Meat, Dried Snails, Chicken Feet

Fig Clay Pot Partridge

Partridge, Pig Meat, Tuckahoe

Kapok Snails and Chicken Feet Soup

Chicken Feet, Snail Meat, Tuckahoe

Walnut Octopus Pork Bone Soup

Walnut, Squab, Octopus

Octopus Partridge Qushi Soup

Partridge, Chicken Feet, Octopus

Appetizer Tea

Codonopsis, Yunling, (fried) Atractylodes

Chestnut Chicken Feet Seafood Soup

Pig Meat, Chicken Feet, Dried Snails