Chinese food list

Stir-fried Oyster Mushrooms with Bacon

Pleurotus Ostreatus, Bacon, Chili

Shanghai Tonkatsu

Pork Spine, Chicken Essence, Egg

Mashed Potatoes with Raisins and Fresh Fruits

Small Potato, Blueberry, Raspberry

Stewed Fish Head

Fish Head, Carrot, Cooking Wine

Oatmeal Sweet Potato Cake

Instant Oatmeal, Sweet Potato, Glutinous Rice Flour

# Fourth Baking Contest and is Love to Eat Festival#milk Bread

High-gluten Flour, Pure Milk, Whole Egg Liquid

Authentic Rou Jia Mo

All-purpose Flour, Yeast, Warm Water

Universe Big Sesame Ball

Glutinous Rice Flour, Water, Baking Powder

Hot and Sour Vermicelli

Sweet Potato Flour, Minced Meat, Pickled Peppers