Chinese food list

Scrambled Eggs with Hot Peppers

Hot Pepper, Egg, Peanut Oil

Fried Eggplant with Carob

Carob, Eggplant, Dried Onions

Zucchini Fried Fungus

Squash, Fungus, Salt

Spicy Fried Chili Dried Tofu Skin

Dried Bean Curd, Chili, Pickled Pepper Sauce

Fried Enoki Mushroom with Soybean Sprouts

Soy Sprouts, Enoki Mushroom, Onion

Mix Three Silk

Rice Noodles, Bean Curd, Carrot

Chicken Wings with Garlic Tomato Sauce

Chicken Wings, Vegetables, Ketchup

Dried Tofu and Vegetable Rolls

Thin Dry Tofu, Lettuce, Bitter Chrysanthemum

Homemade Tofu

Old Tofu, Carrot, Fungus

Stewed Melon and Potatoes

Horse Chestnut, Potato, Shallots

Sauce-flavored Drumsticks

Lute Leg, Egg, Shallot

Stir-fried Rice Cake with Beef Sauce and Cabbage

Rice Cake Slices, Chinese Cabbage, Beef Sauce

Chive Peanut Cookies

Flour, Oil, Peanut Salt

Curry Cabbage Three-color Rice Cake Fruit

Chinese Cabbage, Three-color Rice Cake Fruit, Curry Cubes

Lemon Chiffon

Low-gluten Flour, Egg, Granulated Sugar

Steamed Taro

Taro, Sugar, Honey