Cold Yuba

Cold Yuba

by Free loach

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Yuba is a kind of traditional food that Chinese people love very much. It has a strong bean aroma and a unique taste that other soy products don't have. The yuba is yellow-white in color, oily and translucent, rich in protein and a variety of nutrients. "


Cold Yuba

1. Dry the dried yuba with cold water for 12 hours, cut into strips and blanch for later use.

Cold Yuba recipe

2. After all ingredients are washed, soak in light salt water for 15 minutes

Cold Yuba recipe

3. The soaked ingredients: cut celery stalks into small sections, slice garlic, shred green onions, cut coriander, and cut the others into granules. After minced ginger and garlic, add appropriate amount of cold water and a small amount of salt to soak for 1 hour, add half a teaspoon of oil consumption, and 2 tablespoons of red oil, stir well for later use.

Cold Yuba recipe

4. Separate the chopped celery, garlic slices, green peppers, red peppers, green onions, spring onions, pepper noodles, and blanched yuba in a large bowl. Heat up an appropriate amount of rapeseed oil in a wok and pour over the ingredients.

Cold Yuba recipe

5. After the oil is poured, add light soy sauce, MSG, sugar, and red oil ginger garlic juice according to personal taste, mix well, and sprinkle with coriander.

Cold Yuba recipe


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