Bean Bubble recipes

Steamed Stuffed Bean Soup

Bean Bubble, Pork, Shiitake Mushrooms

Korean Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles, Enoki Mushroom, Bean Bubble

Stewed Beef with Beans

Beef Brisket, Potato, Bean Bubble

Home-cooked Stew

Pork, Big Baby Dish, Vermicelli

Kuaishou Small Hot Pot

Hot Pot Bottom Material, Bean Sprouts, Enoki Mushroom

Spicy Hot Pot

Pork Belly, Lotus Root, Bean Bubble

Duck Blood Fans

Duck Blood, Rice Noodles, Duck Liver

Vegetarian Hot Pot

Yuba, Bean Bubble, Rice Noodles

Vegetarian Cooking Pot

Hot Pot Meatballs, Chinese Cabbage, Seafood Mushroom

Gourmet Skewers Vegetarian

Mala Tang Seasoning, Konjac Silk, Spinach

Bean Kimchi

Baby Dishes, Bean Bubble, Sliced Green Onion

Hot Pepper Tofu Soak

Bean Bubble, Hot Pepper, Onion

Casserole Haggis

Sheep Liver, Sheep Lung, Sheep Intestines

Tomato Bean Soak

Bean Bubble, Tomato, Garlic Sprouts

Spicy Xia Mi Dumpling Skewers

Xia Mi Dumplings, Bean Bubble, Cumin

Three Fresh Soaked Fungus and Beans

Fungus, Bean Bubble, Carrot