Dried Lily recipes

Whitening and Freckle Soup

Chixiaodou, Green Beans, Dried Lily

Chestnut Chicken Soup

Chestnut, Native Chicken, Sliced Ginger

Mung Bean Lily Millet Congee

Green Beans, Dried Lily, Millet

Yam Lily Soup

Iron Bar Yam, Dried Longan, Dried Lily

Loquat and Sydney Soup

Loquat, Sydney, Dried Lily

Red Dates Tremella Lily Congee

Japonica Rice, Tremella, Dried Lily

White Quinoa Lily Porridge

White Quinoa, Dried Lily, Water

Stewed Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Ginger, Red Dates

Chicken Feet and Pork Bone Soup

Chicken Feet, Pork Bone, Ginger

Fresh Tremella Lily Soup

Fresh White Fungus, Dried Lily, Dried Longan

Qing Tai Ping'an Chicken Soup

Chickens, Apple, Dried Lily

Tonic Red Bean Soup

Red Beans, Old Rock Candy, Shimizu

Tremella, Lotus Seed and Lily Soup

Tremella, Dried Lily, Lotus Seed

Fried Purple Back Vegetable with Lily

Dried Lily, Purple Back, Onion