Fish Stuffed Soy Sauce recipes

Fried Noodles with Prawn Paste

Large Prawn Paste, Noodles, Chives

Grilled Carp

Carp, Chives, Fish Sauce

Korean Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables

Korean Vermicelli, Carrot, Green Pepper

【kelp Knotted Pork】--the Most Delicacy in Winter

Salted Kelp Knot, Pork Belly, Shallot

Eggplant with Octopus Sauce

Eggplant, Octopus Sauce, Chives


Salted Skirt, Shallot, Green Red Pepper

Hemp Fragrant Jellyfish

Instant Jellyfish, Carrot, Cilantro Stem

Brine Pork Liver

Live Pork Liver, Garlic, Crystal Sugar

Fennel Peanuts

Peanuts, Fennel, Fish Stuffed Soy Sauce

[cold Seaweed Shreds]--eat Refreshing and Delicious

Salted Kelp Shreds, Garlic, Red Chili