Green and Red Pepper recipes

Stewed Tofu with Home-cooked Fungus

North Tofu, Black Fungus, Green And Red Pepper

Spicy Spare Ribs Claypot

Ribs, Frozen Tofu, Cauliflower

Beef Prawn Pizza

Flour, Tomato, Onion

Chicken Curry

Chicken Breast, Chicken Leg, Curry Cubes

Cold Yuba

Yuba, Parsley, Green And Red Pepper

Old Vinegar Peanuts

Peanuts, Onion, Green And Red Pepper

Juewei Double Pepper

Green And Red Pepper, Garlic, Salt

Lemon Mixed Three Shreds

Dried Kelp Shreds, Carrot, Enoki Mushroom

Crispy Cod

Cod, Corn Starch, Baking Powder

Roasted Sea Rainbow with Egg Yolk

Haihong, Green And Red Pepper, Salted Egg Yolk

Spicy Fried Clams

Flower Clam, Salt, Cooking Oil

Fried Shrimp

Shrimp, Salt, Soy Sauce

Spicy Crab

Hairy Crabs, Apricot Baoru, Onion

Steamed Fish

Bream, Shallot, Green And Red Pepper

Spicy Griddle Potatoes

Potato, Pork Belly, Onion