Lotus Seed recipes

Mung Bean Lily Congee

Lily, Green Beans, Lotus Seed

Nourishing Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Yam, Ginger

Lotus Seed Water Chestnut Soup

Ribs, Water Chestnut, Lotus Seed

Five Fruit Soup

Quail Eggs, Barley, Lotus Seed

Lotus Seed Soup

Lotus Seed, Lily (dry), Wolfberry

Tremella Lotus Seed Soup

Tremella, Lotus Seed, Red Dates

Mung Bean Coix Seed Lily Soup

Green Beans, Lotus Seed, Lily

Nourishing Stomach Ribs Soup

Ribs, Hericium Erinaceus, Dictyophora

Sishen Pork Belly Soup

Pork Belly, Yam, Lotus Seed

Red Bean and Lotus Seed Soup

Red Beans, Lotus Seed, Water

Beauty and Beauty Sweet Soup

Saponified Rice, Lily, Purple Sweet Potato

Lily Lotus Seed Red Bean Soup

Red Beans, Lotus Seed, Lily

Dendrobium Duck Soup

Old Duck, Dendrobium, Lotus Seed

Red Dates Sydney White Fungus Soup

Tremella, Red Dates, Sydney