Right Amount recipes

Apple Hawthorn Soup

Apple, Hawthorn Dried Slices, Dried Red Dates

Xinjiang Large Plate Chicken

Grass Chicken, Plain Flour, Onion

Korean Seaweed Soup

Kelp, Minced Meat, Shallot

Braised Tofu Brain

Soy Milk, Pork, Cucumber

Yogurt Cookies with Lemon Tea

Unsalted Butter, Egg Liquid, Low-gluten Flour

Awl Type Plain Rice Dumplings

Glutinous Rice, Corn Dregs, Red Beans

Beef Wonton

Fresh Beef Filling, Wonton Wrapper, Chives

Seafood Congee

Lightly Raise A Can Of Fresh Rice, Shrimp, Minced Meat

Cucumber with Yuba

Yuba, Cucumber, Dried Chili

Mini Mango Tart

Low-gluten Flour, Butter, Yolk

Cupcakes (chiffon Edition)

Low Powder, Water, Egg

Steamed Dumplings with Sauerkraut Stuffing

Flour, Right Amount, Sauerkraut

Spicy Crab

River Crab, Shallot, Ginger

Roasted Winter Melon with Bacon and Beef Tendon

Winter Melon, Semi-cooked Beef Tendon, Bacon