Sixtieth recipes

Sixtieth Steamed Egg

Sixtieth, Egg, Shallot

Cold Sixtieth

Sixtieth, Parsley, Garlic

Garlic Sixtieth Vermicelli

Sixtieth, Mung Bean Vermicelli, Garlic

Spicy Flower Armor

Sixtieth, Vegetable Oil, Ginger

Stir-fried Flower Beet with Double Pepper

Sixtieth, Green Pepper, Red Pepper

Spicy Stir-fried Flower Beetle

Sixtieth, Green Pepper, Red Chili

Shrimp Flower Beet Seafood Soup

Shrimp, Sixtieth, Enoki Mushroom

Flower Beet Autumn Melon Carrot Soup

Sixtieth, Old Cucumber, Carrot

Yangjiang Salty Tangyuan

Glutinous Rice Flour, Radish, Sixtieth

Tripe Sixties

Sixtieth, Tripe, Vegetables

Stir-fried Flower Armor

Sixtieth, Cooking Oil, Salt

Stir-fried Garlic with Garlic

Sixtieth, Single Garlic, Shallot

Stir-fried Flower Armor

Sixtieth, Chili Sauce, Cooking Wine

Korean Style Hot Pot

Squash, Green Bean Sprouts, Soft Tofu