Tangerine Skin recipes

Beef Brisket Boiled Egg

Egg, Beef Brisket Stock, Star Anise

Braised Pork with Braised Egg

Pork (fat And Lean), Stupid Egg, Dried Tofu

Yam Kelp Spare Ribs Soup

Pork Chops, Yam, Kelp

Tomato Beef Soup

Beef Shank, Tomato, Potato

Mutton Soup

Lamb, Pig Bones, Radish

Angelica and Eucommia Mutton Soup

Leg Of Lamb, Angelica, Astragalus

Cauliflower Braised Lamb

Leg Of Lamb, Cauliflower, Garlic

Orange Spiced Cabbage Heart

Cabbage Heart, Tangerine Skin, White Vinegar

Braised Pork

Pork Belly, Dried Bamboo Shoots, Crystal Sugar

Smoked Quail Eggs-the Secret of Home Smoking

Quail Eggs, Rice, Tangerine Skin

Cold Garlic

Garlic Whiskers, Parsley, Salt

Roasted Pork Ribs with Potatoes

Ribs, Potato, Green Onions

Braised Duck

Duck, Ginger, Star Anise

Braised Lamb Stew

Lamb, Carrot, Ginger

Tangerine Red Bean Paste

Adzuki Beans, Tangerine Skin, Crystal Sugar

Lingzhi Orange Peel Tea

Purple Ganoderma Tablets, Tangerine Skin