Barley recipes

Winter Melon and Barley Soup

Winter Melon, Barley, Chives

Tuckahoe Pork Bone Soup

Pork Bone, Polygonatum, Tangerine Peel

Five Fruit Soup

Quail Eggs, Barley, Lotus Seed

Cordyceps Flower Clear Tonic Soup

Pork Bone, Cordyceps Flower, Salt

Dendrobium Duck Soup

Old Duck, Dendrobium, Lotus Seed

Barley and Ginkgo Soup

Pig Bone, Barley, Ginkgo (dried)

Lao Huo Tong Bone Soup

Tube Bone, Carrot, Red Dates

Refreshing Chicken Soup

Beijing Chicken, Dendrobium, Lotus Seed

Red Bean and Barley Soup

Red Beans, Barley, Crystal Sugar

Scallion Pancakes

Barley, Wheat Flour, Oil

Barley Bone Soup

Tube Bone, Winter Melon, Barley

Farmhouse Broth

Tendon Of Cow, Carrot, Celery Stalk

Nourishing Trotters Soup

Pig Hand, Chinese Yam, Barley