Cold Vinegar recipes

Oil-free Cold Noodles

Soda Noodles, Cucumber, Soy Sauce

Hot and Sour Noodles

Cooked Noodles, Vegetables, Peanut Oil

Quick Cold Noodles

Yang Chun Noodles, Cucumber, Egg

Cold Noodles

Soba Noodles, Cucumber, Carrot

Fried Chili with Tempeh

Green Pepper, Peanut Oil, Salt

Thousands of Golden Needles Mixed with Kelp Shreds

Kelp, Enoki Mushroom, Thousand Sheets

Hot and Sour Noodles

Rice Flour, Lettuce, Peanut Oil

Spicy Salted Duck Egg Rice Ball

Sea Duck Eggs, Meter, Spicy Peanuts

Shredded Cucumber

Cucumber, Carrot, Garlic Cloves

Sour and Spicy Shredded King Pleurotus

Pleurotus Eryngii, Peanut Oil, Salt

Hot and Sour Mix Zhafen

Powder, Rape, Peanut Oil

Lettuce Salad

Lettuce, Millet Pepper, Garlic Cloves

Refreshing Autumn Fungus

Black Fungus, Two Vitex, Millet Pepper

Cucumber Carrot Roll

Gherkin, Carrot, Oil

Yuba Mixed with Fungus

Yuba, Black Fungus, Salt