Dried Vegetables recipes

Chaoshan Dried Eggs

Egg, Dried Vegetables, Peanut Oil

Stir-fry with Minced Meat

Lean Meat, Oil, Salt

Noodles with Dried Shrimps and Dried Vegetables

Noodles, Dried Vegetables, Dried Shrimp

Seaweed Fried Rice

Rice, Shimizu, Seaweed

Fried Rice with Dried Vegetables

Dried Vegetables, Pork Belly, Peanut

Assorted Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa White Rice, Carrot, Egg

Glutinous Rice with Shiitake Mushrooms

Glutinous Rice, Shiitake (dried), Beef (tenderloin)

Fungus Minced Pork Rice

Cold Rice, Fungus, Minced Meat

Dried Vegetables Omelette

Egg, Dried Vegetables, Salt