Haitian Soy Sauce recipes

Three Kinds of Winter Melon Soup

Winter Melon, Big Bones, Clams

Braised Chicken Wings without A Drop of Oil

Chicken Wings, Crystal Sugar, Aniseed

Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup

Pork Ribs, Winter Melon, Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce Chicken

Chickens, Haitian Soy Sauce, Ginger

Microwave Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, Potato, Tricholoma

Yuxiang Pork

Lean Pork, Green Pepper, Fungus

Curry Chicken Rice

Lute Leg, Potato, Carrot


Flour, Tenderloin, Lettuce Leaves

Scallion Noodles

Noodles, Scallions, Cooking Oil

Multi-grain Pancakes and Fruits (pan Version)

Flour, Mung Bean Noodles, Millet Noodles


Wheat Flour, Tomato, Carrot

Chicken Wing Rice

Chicken Wings, Rice, Garlic


Wheat Flour, Small Potato, Pea Cubes