Old Rock Candy recipes

Pear Soup

Sydney, Tremella, Lotus Seed

Lily White Fungus Soup

Tremella, Lily, Old Rock Candy

Braised Lotus Root

Old Lotus Root, Pea, Cooking Oil

Homemade Pear Soup

Sydney, Lily, Old Rock Candy

Sour Plum Soup

Ume, Hawthorn, Licorice

Braised Pork with Mushrooms

Pork Belly, Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrot

Lily Pear Soup

Pear, Lily, Old Rock Candy

Tremella Soup

Tremella, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Secret Braised Char Siew

Sandwich Meat, White Wine, Red Yeast Powder

Braised Pork with Carrots

Hind Leg Meat, Carrot, Soy Sauce

Sauce Elbow

Pork Knuckle, Chives, Ginger

Red Date and Tremella Soup

Tremella, Old Rock Candy, Red Dates

Red Dates, Lotus Seed and Tremella Soup

Tremella, Lotus Seed, Red Dates

Sydney Lotus Seed Soup

Sydney, Lotus Seed, Wolfberry

Millet Tremella Soup

Peach Gum, Tremella, Millet