Rot recipes

Seasonal Vegetable Beef Ball

Beef, Shallot, Cooking Oil

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce

Lean Meat, Carrot, Cucumber

Shredded Chicken Rolls with Scallion Oil Tofu Skin

Chicken Leg, Rot, Shiitake Mushrooms

Beancurd Roll

Rot, Pork Belly, Horseshoe

Spicy Mixed Noodles

Yimen, Cucumber, Carrot

Pork Knuckle Casserole

Fungus, Chinese Cabbage, Vermicelli

Pork Knuckle Casserole

Elbow, Salt, Chicken Noodles

Vegetable Salad

Fungus, Rot, Garlic

Tofu Skin Mixed with Cucumber

Rot, Dry Cucumber, Sesame Sauce

Boiled Fish

Long Lee Fish Fillet, Water, Cauliflower

Cucumber Vegetable Dumplings

Flour, Cucumber, Chinese Cabbage

Boiled Fish Noodle

Black Fish Fillet, Soy Sprouts, Enoki Mushroom

Stuffed Beancurd Pork Roll

Meat, Rot, Pleurotus Ostreatus

Spinach Fried Tofu Skin

Spinach, Rot, Salt

Autumn Leaves Tofu

Tofu, Rot, Shiitake Mushrooms