White Lentils recipes

Delicious Dampness Old Fire Soup

Duck, Barley, Chixiaodou

Curry Emei Beans

White Lentils, Millet Pepper, Salt

Plantain Pork Belly Soup

Pork Belly, Plantain, Chixiaodou

Eight Treasure Black Chicken Soup

Silky Drumsticks, Ginger, Jujube

Eight Treasure Congee

Rice, Sago, Chixiaodou

Five-color Honey Bean Paste

Chixiaodou, Green Beans, Black Beans

Peach Porridge with Yam and Lentils

Yam, White Lentils, Walnut

Congee for Strengthening The Spleen

Lotus Seed, Gorgon, Barley

White Lentil Porridge

Corn Ballast, White Lentils, Water

Six Valley Health Congee

Green Beans, Brown Rice, Glutinous Rice

Five-color Bean and Rice Porridge

Glutinous Rice, Black Rice, Millet

Cantonese Dampness Soup

White Crucian Carp, Mian Yinchen, White Lentils

Black Rice Eight-treasure Porridge

Black Rice, Lotus Seed, Peanut

Glutinous Rice Porridge with White Lentils and Red Dates

White Lentils, Red Dates, Glutinous Rice