Baby Abalone recipes

Abalone and Winter Bamboo Soup

Baby Abalone, Ribs, Winter Bamboo Shoots

Steamed Abalone with Garlic Vermicelli

Baby Abalone, Ginger, Cooking Wine

Seafood Noodles

Shrimp, Baby Abalone, Squid

Scallop and Abalone Congee

Baby Abalone, Glutinous Rice, Dried Scallops

Seafood Porridge with Fresh Eyebrows

Rice, Glutinous Rice, Kewei Shrimp

Boston Lobster Seafood Porridge

Boston Lobster, Baby Abalone, White Clam

Stir-fried Fresh Squid Abalone with Mixed Sauce

Fresh Squid, Baby Abalone, Shallot

Steamed Abalone with Garlic

Baby Abalone, Garlic, Salt

Sauce Stew Pot-rich Flavor

Luncheon Meat, Sea White Shrimp, Baby Abalone

Cordyceps Flower Abalone Rice

Baby Abalone, Cordyceps Flower, Broccoli

Braised Abalone

Baby Abalone, Seafood Soy Sauce, Garlic

Seafood Noodles

Shrimp, Squid, Baby Abalone

Abalone Steamed Egg

Egg, Baby Abalone, Salt

Abalone Braised Pork

Pork Belly, Baby Abalone, Ginger