Eel recipes

Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Fat Intestine, Hairy Belly

Braised Eel Rice

Eel, Rice, Pork Belly

Fish and Vegetable Noodles

Eel, Hard-boiled Eggs, Spinach Noodles

Grilled Eel

Eel, Ginger, Shallots

Stir-fried Eel

Eel, Green Pepper, Celery

Unagi Sushi

Eel, Rice, Cucumber

Eel and Dolphin Rice

Eel, Noodle Rice, Egg

Eel Steamed Rice: A Simple Dish for Office Workers

Eel, Rice, Green Onion Beads Or Celery Beads

Eel Nigiri Sushi

Rice, Eel, Seaweed

Stir-fried Eel with Onion

Eel, Onion, Haitian Zero Add First Way Soy Sauce