Garlic recipes

Oyster Sauce Cabbage

Kale, Broth, Oyster Sauce

Griddle Seasonal Vegetables

Lotus, Small Vegetables, Thousand Tofu Skins

Shrimp Risotto

Fresh Shrimp, Rice, Onion

Italian Seafood Risotto

Seafood, Rice, Garlic

Seasonal Vegetable Noodles

Noodles (raw), Carrot, Shallot

Internet Celebrity

White Shell, Broth, Garlic

Claypot Rice with Seasonal Vegetables

Spicy Sausage, Carrot, Potato

Hot and Sour Seasonal Vegetables

Okra, Cucumber, Winter Melon

Grilled Octopus Feet with Seasonal Vegetables

Octopus Foot, Potato, Purple Onion

Fried Noodles with Seasonal Vegetables

Noodles, Green Pepper, Wang Shouyi Spicy Fresh