Green Red Pepper recipes

Salted Fish and Eggplant Claypot

Eggplant, Salted Fish, Minced Meat

Yellow Braised Chicken

Chicken Leg, Xianggu, Green Red Pepper

Sour Soup and Beef Sauce

Pork, Sour Soup And Beef Sauce, Tricholoma

Korean Fish Cake Soup

Fish Cake, White Radish, Onion

Sour Soup with Beef

Beef Roll, Enoki Mushroom, Rice Noodles

Beef in Sour Soup

Beef Slices, Enoki Mushroom, Pickled Peppers

Braised Radish with Abalone Spicy Sauce

Abalone Spicy Sauce, White Radish, Green Onions


Green Red Pepper, Pork, Soy Sauce

Fried Squid

Squid, Green Red Pepper, Onion

Scrambled Eggs with Convolvulus

Egg, Water Spinach, Green Red Pepper

Stir-fried Tripe with Garlic Stalks

Marinated Tripe, Garlic, Green Red Pepper

Scrambled Eggs with Hot Peppers

Green Red Pepper, Egg, Chopped Green Onion

Stir-fried Chicken with Broccoli

Chicken, Broccoli, Green Red Pepper

Slippery Section

Pork Loin, Green Red Pepper, Egg

Steamed Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Green Red Pepper, Ginger

Griddle Cauliflower

Organic Cauliflower, Skinless Pork Belly, Green Red Pepper